Empowering the Next Generation

At ETHICS, we are strong believers in the ability of our youth to succeed. Our programming and activities are designed to help our youth reach their goals and fulfill their highest potential. We are proud of all our children, and love watching them grow into bright-minded and confident individuals.

You can be involved in making a difference in our children’s lives.


Empowering Children to Be a Better Version of Themselves

Mentoring, Art and Music

From our Volunteer Opportunities to our Youth Workshops - we have a variety of programs that are available to all. Browse through our services, and see the extent of what we have to offer.


Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

Volunteer Opportunities

Our Volunteer Opportunities is centered on mentoring our young immigrants and provides a space for them to expand their mind while meeting new and interesting individuals.

If you are interested in becoming a Student Mentor volunteer, here is the Job Description:

ETHICS ISB Mentor Job Description

Building a Better Future

Art and Music Workshops

ETHICS empowers youth in the greater Portland area to reach their fullest potential through art and music. We care about our children, and provide them with a number of enrichment programs to help shape their identity. Our art and music workshops provide our youth the chance to get involved in the community and meet new and exciting faces from all walks of life. Come experience it for yourself today!

Share Your Learning Space

Community Workshops

At ETHICS, we strive to empower the lives of youth in the Greater Portland community through other available programs. If you think that your program may be interesting to our young immigrants we will be happy to work with you so you can host our children for a session, and hope to continue making a difference in their lives.

Want to learn more about the extent of our services? Get in touch with us today and swing by for a visit!

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