Get to Know Us

Committed to Enriching the Lives of Youth

Empower THe Immigrant Children and Students (ETHICS) is a not-for-profit organization founded by Baba Ly, who is an immigrant from Mauritania. ETHICS aims to help immigrant children of all countries of origin, from age of 5 to 11 living in Maine to thrive through their education and feel welcomed, included, and successful in American society.

As immigrants enter the United States, one of the priorities of the parents is enrolling children in local schools. This process often presents many challenges to both students and parents as they learn to adapt to a new environment. ETHICS is committed to providing the highest quality of cultural adjustment, tutoring, and effective communication between immigrant students, parents and their school teachers and representatives.

In accomplishing this mission, ETHICS recognizes that the indispensable foundation of student success depends on effective and consistent education and a long-term partnership between student parents and the school representatives and educators.  It is with this core value in mind that ETHICS is launching this program.

All services provided by ETHICS are aimed at encouraging and supporting immigrant families through the process of helping their children become independent, self-reliant members of the American society into which they are living. ETHICS is also committed to working with the local schools and communities to create and sustain a welcoming environment for effective integration of immigrant children and their family members.